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"If I were to choose a picture of myself, and the journey I was to take
into the future, it would be the vision  you have crafted for me."




"I’ve observed Sharon Barrett’s skills at work from the rain forest in Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands to an award-winning effort to put the Death Penalty on Trial. Her work is of the highest quality. I’m proud to be associated with her in any capacity,  but especially where talent matters most—in the story well told 

-  Bill Kurtis

   television journalist,              producer, narrator  


"You are the best in this business  I am grateful and more than aware of all your skills and talents.  Thanks for continuing to lend them to ALL our efforts

  - Donna LaPietra


    Kurtis Productions        


"In cases overflowing with facts, i know it's an art to select those that  make the point, and then to  present them clearly,  withour arcane legal jargon and legal concepts. Well done. Perhaps this should be required viewing in all the state and federal courts, state legislatures and Congress"

                        -   Ben Dowling-Sendor, 



"The tribute was really, really well done, and I can't thank you enough"

   -David Kupcinet


"I just wanted to say how terrific the story turned out. It's a great package."         
Elizabeth Taylor       
                                The Chicago Tribune


"A number of schools around here apparently showed it to the kids as the centerpriece of a discussion about the death penalty. It really was well done, and though I'm sure you were long ago off to the next adventure, your work continues to have people talking, no mean feat in the current environment. "

                              - Steve Wells



"Sharon Barrett  proved herself the best researcher /interviewer in America, and she's a terrific writer.

   - Rick Kogan,

      journalist and author





This is the kind of thing, the sort of omniscient, wise POV narrative voice that distinguishes really great novelists. You know how to slip real social understanding and perspective into your direct narrative with deft, almost eerie slight of hand. it gives us a narrative that we know is smart and honest and does not sugar coat things."

                                               -Susan Ferraro



"I am hooked, I want to know more.  Something here reminds me of the Kite Runner,  but then again, I find your story world even more attractive. Your work always deserves a thorough and careful read.

                                               - Cidgem Duysal

                                                  management                                                                 consultant


You have a really, really powerful story here – one that could potentially be a cross-market novel for Young Adult, You do so much well throughout, dialogue and rendering of character, but these were extra special, I paused to savor them as they played out."

                                             -  Holly Payne,                                                                   author, Stanford                                                             instructor                                                                

"First, let me congratulate you on a fine piece of work. You obviously put in a lot of time, research and organization—and threaded through it all a heck of a compelling story line.  The reason I finished it in two days is because I couldn’t put it down"                       

       - Andrea Gabbard



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