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" It will be etched in my memory forever/."


A non-profit alternative to government foster care.



The first night she was in her new foster home Megan couldn't sleep. She'd been in so many foster homes already in her seven years, she was sure if she went to sleep she'd wake up somewhere else.


George had a different approach. He wouldn't take off his shoes, not even to go to sleep.


And Tommy refused to let his foster mother hug him.


They're the innocent children of the foster care system. Abandoned, neglected or abused by their parents, they've been left without a home, separated from their brothers and sisters and moved from foster family to foster family. On average, foster children live in at least five different foster homes.


Some of them don't even remember all their foster parent's names. What they remember is that there's never been enough consistency in their lives to convince them someone cared about  them. 


It can take a long time for the wounded soul of a child to heal.




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