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There is much in this book you know about me, more that you don't. I've been a rebel, diesel truck mechanic, working class laborer, ranch hand, fisherman and bird shooter. I like to think I'm thoughtful, some say kind, and a loyal friend. I'm seventy-nine now, married for more than fifty-five years to a woman I adore, father and grandfather to people whose company I seek above all others.

            I'm hard-wired to succeed at whatever I do and the hunger for it never leaves me; guided by an insatiable drive that defines me, and I passionately guard the poet inside me who has a relentless need to dream. But above all else I'm a practical person. Being practical is what has made it possible for me to create a life where I could have failed, and make my own way in a business where the game plan was set. I've always beaten to a different drum. This is the story of the events, the people, the good fortune, the hurdles and the heartaches that have made me who I am.  

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