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Sharon Barrett is an award-winning writer and biographer..

She writes in both the non-fiction and fiction genres.  

She is especially drawn to biographies and in-depth profiles of compelling people and events

Sharon has written extensive profiles of pioneers in the medical field, business world, politics, the scientific community, the legal profession, law enforcement, entertainment, education and finance, as well as historical figures and explorers.


She was one of the first journalists to document the work of scientists inside the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Level Four Laboratory, and the first journalist to gain access to the elite Yosemite Search and Rescue Team. Her documentary, The Death Penalty on Trial for Kurtis Productions and the A&E Network won the Thurgood Marshall Award. 


She has traveled the world from Suriname to the Galapagos Islands in search of memorable and meaningful stories. Her work has gained national recognition and industry awards.



Autobiographies • Biographies • Books • Articles • Scripts  Documentaries • Speeches • New Media



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